Monday, April 25, 2011

The Swiss Chalet

For Spring Break my mom's best friend, Trina, let us have her vacation house in Carmel for a few days.  There aren't any numbers on any of homes or businesses in Carmel. Everything just has a name. This little house on the left is The Swiss Chalet. Home of the Seven Dwarfs might even be a better name it's that darling.

Swiss Chalet is on the left and and Snug as a Bug on the right.
Here's a photo of Will through the kitchen into the living room. 

The boys helped me with this little project. The first one we made washed away before we were done so we worked quickly to reassemble this one. It was a gorgeous day and a really fun beach project.

And of course some Monopoly. ugh. Why do this kids love this game so much? Maybe because they haven't learned some of the lessons the hard way. I don't know. My littlest is obsessed. Mortgage, rent, bills, pay taxes, go to jail, etc.  ugh. I lose interest so quickly!

Although the weather was still cool, we had so much fun at the beach. Here's Chase and Curtis the last day right before we headed home. All of us were happy with our little getaway.

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  1. Love seeing this and just remembered how there really are no numbers on the houses, so relaxing down there...