Saturday, January 29, 2011

Piles and Piles

The dresses are on the way. We start shipping to stores in February. It's such a busy time and so many things to think about- making sure everything is just right. Scheduling cutting and sewing, ordering more trim, extra this and that. In fact the other day my car was broken into and 1500 snaps were stolen! (along with my GPS, Curtis's checkbook, and Will's backpack and precious collection of ugly doll key chains.) Ridiculous. The snaps are probably in a dumpster somewhere. And the Ugly Doll keychains? I hope they are a treasure for someone who needs them. Well, I ordered more snaps and progress continues....


  1. What a nightmare! My little guy also collects uglies! I don't get it, but am happy to always have an easy gift in mind!

  2. How cool to see everything boxed ...Im sorry about car being broken into...that is so galling they would take snaps!

  3. I found your blog via "About Last Weekend!" Your dress designs are gorgeous! So happy to find your blog. Sorry to hear your car was broken into.