Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo shoot for Spring 2011

What a day. Hardest working were Quentin, the photographer, and Lauri, the model. Not exactly sure why I had to take a nap when I got home, but I was completely wiped out. Mostly I stood on the sidelines and cheered them on (thrilled that I wasn't the photographer at last), offered them food (though I was the only one that ate), and planned what would happen next (rearranged everything in poor Jody's perfect house). Candes, far left in the photo above, is our graphic artist but doubles as stylist. And Donna, the social media marketing pro, held the big white light reflector. Of course, during this photo, I was documenting. And not sure where Jody, our hostess is. You can see more of the photo shoot on her blog, Overall it was a huge success. Lots of great images. I'll post a few once we sort through them. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As we are having a big sale this week at the office, I decided to do a quick makeover in our shop area. With help from Allison, from Home 101 on Shattuck, we have a whole new look in only 4 days! And it was a crazy 4 days. I love my strawberry wall, though Allison wants to replace the round mirrors with one long rectangular one. She put one of her favorite pieces in the store- this little cabinet filled with treasures.
The sale today was a huge success. Tons of customers that got tons of bargains. I should have taken photos but I didn't have a minute. Will try to take photos tomorrow night.