Saturday, January 29, 2011

Piles and Piles

The dresses are on the way. We start shipping to stores in February. It's such a busy time and so many things to think about- making sure everything is just right. Scheduling cutting and sewing, ordering more trim, extra this and that. In fact the other day my car was broken into and 1500 snaps were stolen! (along with my GPS, Curtis's checkbook, and Will's backpack and precious collection of ugly doll key chains.) Ridiculous. The snaps are probably in a dumpster somewhere. And the Ugly Doll keychains? I hope they are a treasure for someone who needs them. Well, I ordered more snaps and progress continues....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photos for Spring

We have spent several days on photography creating images for Spring. Now that we literally have thousands of images, the hard work is sorting through them and pulling out what to use. QuentinBacon, the photographer, has paired several images on his blog from the shoot that I like very much and wanted to share.

The blues make this a perfect pairing. The old car is in a shed at the ranch in Napa, where we did a shoot last Fall. The hula hoop image from Jody's house in front of her lovely blue wall. 
(Tess dress is Birdseye green, coming in February to the website)

These are obviously "behind the scenes" shots. I tend to avoid the camera but Quenting got me while my back was turned. Candes and I are pulling creases out of the dress before the shot.  And Curtis is trying to tell Dottie what to do...and hands off treats to the model. 
(Grace dress in Rockridge Blue- popular dress in the London boutiques, 
 Mimi in Taupe Links, both available mid-February)

 Of course I love the one below, on right. Will, my little ragamuffin. 
(Dottie dress in Black Lattice- limited available now and more coming late February)
The images all make me so happy because it looks like everything 
has come together, which is far from how I feel.