Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Napa for the day

We spent all day Monday at a ranch in Napa taking photographs and shooting video. Well, actually Quentin took photographs, shot video and did most of the work. Curtis, Donna and I ran around trying to assist him (in vain). Though we were able to offer Lauri (the model who also worked tirelessly) a tissue, powder, or a hand mirror upon request.

We all brought our boys. They happily entertained themselves for hours by catching frogs in the creek. We did manage to persuade them to be in some photographs with Lauri. By the end of the day they had warmed up to her.


  1. can't wait to see the collection! :) sounds like a fun day...

  2. I love your styling with the big boots, very opposite day!
    and what great photos of the boys, will looks so cute peeking out from her arm. What a glamorous setting and a fun day

  3. So fun! I am hoping to have a real photographer one day. Are those your boys with the long blond hair? Love it our son was so sad when he had to cut his hair for school.

  4. Those are my scrappy blonde boys. Hair cuts coming soon!