Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Shirley May!

Shirley May is the ONE year old daughter of Gitty. Gitty helps me mostly with design and pattern making, but also a bit of everything. There's a lot that I love about Gitty, but today I am going to share Gitty's joy of celebration. She always takes time to appreciate the milestones (big and small) in the lives of those she loves, whether with a big party or just a special gold sticker star over a cup of soup. It is a special quality and I wish I were more like her in this way.

Gitty also loves cakes and has a special set up in her garden for them- note mosquito netting hanging from the fruit trees. In the center is the TRIPLE layer GOLDEN cake for Shirley May. Delightful. The cake table sits next to the band. My photo doesn't really do it justice, the majority of the musicians were playing the yukele under the golden pear tree. Could a celebration for one year of life be any better??

This photo shows Gitty's display- portraits of Shirley on the 9th of every month of her life. What a treasure to document her daugher's life in this way. Keep it up Gitty!
Of course the tea party isn't complete without "costumed" guests eager to participate in the parade. Everyone knows to do it up for Gitty's parties. And if you don't come with your own party accessories, Gitty is happy to supply them. We should all be lucky enough to have Gitty in our lives. Lucky Shirley May!

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