Friday, August 20, 2010

ME at the photo shoot

 Thought I'd share a bit of what I did.... 

1. Standing in for the model.  Quentin needed to check the lighting and the model was still getting ready. It's a tough job. Can you tell how hard I'm working??

2. Looking in the model's magnifying mirror at my wrinkles. 
Thankfully the light is so bright in the photo that they have been blurred away. Note #117 to self: DO NOT look in magnifying mirror with reading glasses. Ignorance is bliss.

3. Fixing the collar on the model's dress.
Note #118 to self:  Never wear anything that resembles the model's dress! I had on the Hope dress in Platinum Tumbleweed (Spring 2011 sample- I was giving it a test run. And by the way, I think I need to add an inch to the length). The model had on Kelsey in Platinum Tumbleweed (Fall 2010). 
Let's just say it wasn't working out in my favor.  

4. Making wind, at least trying to.
This was my pathetic attempt at making wind so that it would appear that Lauri's hair and dress were blowing in a summer breeze. In the end Quentin traded places with me. He set up the camera and told me to push the button while he actually made the summer breeze.  He can do anything.

5. Pinning fabric.
Even the extra small is a bit big on Lauri. Tall and thin just looks good in the photos.  Let's be honest, it just plain looks good. 

6. Tucking in Lauri's turtleneck. Doesn't everyone need a tucker inner? Also carrying spare camera and spare scarves. I'm such a multi-tasker!

7. Reflecting on a perfect day in a beautiful place working with a team of people I adore.
 Thank you Quentin! 
and Donna, Curtis and Lauri! xo


  1. Such a fun post! Everything looks beautiful.

  2. Love these photos! Who took them? curtis? The waving one is hilarious.