Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gory Details

My mom and my brother called over the weekend with a "great idea!"

"Why don't you blog about what it's like to start a business?? The gory details!! Everyone will want to read about all the trials and tribulations that you and your team go through. It's so fascinating and funny," they say.

Hmmm, I say, not wanting to shoot their idea down immediately. But I just can't. No one wants to hear about it. Or should I say, for the sake of the brand, I can't. Maybe in hindsight it will be funny, but not as it's happening.

But after today, here's a tidbit- I went to the eye doctor today, because I really can't thread a needle. He dialated my eyes, forewarning that I will get to experience what my eyesight will be when I am 60. Ugh. He came back in the room and it felt like the fog hadn't cleared! I could hardly see a thing.

I managed to drive myself to work (bad idea) and thankfully I got there without hurting anyone. I ran through our office boutique ducking for cover from the shoppers with my protective eyewear on that doctor's assistant gave me. (I laughed at the thought of wearing them until I stepped outside, desperate for anything that would help me)

Then realized that the pattern I wanted to complete was MISSING. No idea where I had left it. I vaguely remember that last week it was in a bag in my car, as I was yelling at the kids not to step on it. The rest was a blank. Totally frustrated (I am on a serious deadline for Spring 2011 samples), I had one of my meltdowns.

They aren't pretty. I feel hopelessly pathetic. Plus for this one I was half blind. Then noticed one of my precious Spring 11 samples was MISSING. ugh. Now I was on the verge of tears. Laura, my business partner- level headed and perfect, tried talking me through all of my activity involving the missing pattern and missing dress. It was hopeless. No memory.

In the nick of time Curtis came to the rescue and found everything in his car. (I completely forgot that we swapped cars for a day last week- a totally different long story) Thankfully he drove them right down, knowing intimately the state I was in. xox curtis.

Now- end of the day- my youngest came running in, thrilled to make a contribution toward the dress business since he earned some money at his lemonade stand. I guess that's 25 cents less that we'll need to borrow! (meeting with my investor in 20 minutes) So my point is, I'll try to spare you the gory details. But my mom and my brother were right that there is plenty of material to write about.


  1. We did manage a few laughs today! When all the "ugly" stuff of the day has passed you will be left with the sweet memory of your precious quarter.

  2. Please do! I love hearing how women start out! After reading about Kayce Hughes in Country Living a few months back, I e-mailed her and asked for all the boring details of how she started her business. She actually s-mailed me back and told me to call her!! So I did! And I loved every detail, what may seem boring to you, was music to my ears :) I have my own dreams of everyone owning one of my handbags, but I'm still in the try and try and try and try again part, maybe that never ends, but you could really be an encouragement to someone like me! have a great weekend!

  3. I would love to hear all about it. When you see your fresh and fun frocks its hard to believe there is sweat, tears and some blurry vision behind it. And you've got to "throw a wobbly" somedays as my mother would say. Good news is that you've got to keep your blood sugar up with choccy.
    Chin up chook. This season's frocks are bonnier than ever.

  4. We could have an industry only blog. That way we can make each other laugh and look like Kate Spade to everyone else. We opened our 3 bags containing 100 samples each to find out that the bags had gotten wet this morning. So glamorous!