Saturday, July 31, 2010

at the factory

I spend a LOT of time at the factory. Fortunately it's only 15 minutes from my house as well as 15 minutes from my office (one big triangle) . I love being there. Everyone is always busy and it feels like so much is getting done. In this photo Daniel is working at the cutting table. Some of my fabric is ready to be cut for Spring 2011 samples.

Every day the ladies cook lunch. I loved this noodle soup so much I had to take a photograph of it. The head seamstress just whipped it up for the everyone. Delicious. I think she could open a noodle soup restaurant.

Here Judy and Whitney (from Ibex) are reviewing specs for one of her orders while I happily eat my noodle soup. It takes a lot of work to get the clothes made. There are so many details to pay attention to.

The factory sews for about 10 different companies. They have a lot to keep up with. Being around a lot helps things move along smoothly and I can constantly check in on how everything is coming together.

I just love seeing things being made. Doesn't everyone? I'll make a video soon to show how some of the machinery works. Lots to share.


  1. I love this! How did you go about finding a factory to make your clothes? Did you have so many orders you just couldn't keep up? Or did you start out with the factory and just hoped stores would buy your clothing?

  2. Love this vignette about behind the scenes, there is something about scraps and machines and then the beautiful pristine dress that is fascinating. The day I went there, could have lingered around all day. Want to read more about the women who work there...noodle soup is my lunch staple too.

  3. I started making the dresses at the factory right away and just hoped I would be able to sell them. My husband thought I was out of my mind. Thankfully he's on board now!

  4. What an amazing view into a world I've never seen before . . . thanks Lesley!!