Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Tree!

Can I just say, I HATE shopping for a tree.  It seems we all disagree on which one to get. We debate as if we are buying a sofa that we plan to keep for 15 years or more. Seriously, can we just get the tree already?? 

In previous years we've been known to drive around from lot to lot comparing, contrasting, arguing. I like a 7-8' Noble Fir with lots of space between the branches. That way there is space for the ornaments to hang.   Curtis likes a perfectly shaped full, fat tree. Will just wants tall. The taller the better. And thankfully Chase is agreeable, but tends to side with Curtis.

Here's what we settled on this year: 8-9' Noble Fir, fuller than I'd like.  And it only took 45 minutes total. Whew.


Now the next debate- colored lights or white lights.


  1. Do you really own the red vw?
    I am trying not to be jealous!

  2. Ok, that red VW is incredible! And your family, adorable!

    We have a 8-9' Fraiser Fir. It is way too full and takes up way too much of our space. I knock it every time I walk around the table. My kids, however, think there is a positive correlation between the size of the tree and the number of gifts that will end up under it. I think it would *look* like more gifts if the tree weren't so darn huge!

  3. You guys look fantastic whatever the tree! Happy new Year!