Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Shoot Checklist

1. PHOTOGRAPHER: Lara Rossignol- love her. check.
(included- all of her vision and inspiration- hairstyle idea below)

2. LOCATION: Jody's house. check.
Can't beat it. Her house is to die for and she let's us all tromp through without a second thought. What a dear friend. I know it's an imposition but she acts like it's nothing.

3. MODELS: Alicia and Page.  Love them and they complement each other...hiccup...NOT check.

All was set as of last Thursday...

Lara (in email)- CALL ME!!! Page just shaved her head!

me (in my mind)- YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!

Lara (in email)- Do you think we can work around it with a scarf or a wig? I'm calling Josh (H&M guy) to see what he can do.

me- Really?? 

me- (30 seconds later after looking at the reality of the new do, which was truly a mohawk)  NO way. find someone new.

Lara quickly called the agencies and thankfully found a lovely replacement, Alexis. whew.

okay, starting over-
MODELS: Alicia and Alexis. all set, last minute switcharoo, check.

4. HAIR and MAKE UP: Joshua. (used him last time- cute, sweet and talented- booked him) check.

5. STYLIST: Laura. (day job- in charge of sales and tons more at LE) check.
In fact, at the moment she is out shopping for all the stuff that we need. She's a great shopper and has THE BEST taste, so we are in good hands.

6. CATERING: Erin. check.
She has put together a perfect menu and I am so happy to not be doing it myself, which I did last time.

7. PROPS: Candes and Jody. check.  
Candes is gathering from Lara's list all the essentials- parasol, chess set, and so on. Really it's a like scavenger hunt.
Jody has gone around the neighborhood scouting out cars and more locations. Nothing stops her. Just a knock knock, Jody here! and acquisition complete.

 This is one of the cars she has set up for us- dreamy. 

8. DRESSES: me. almost check.
Fall 12 (below- a few that are ready, but still sewing) and some more Spring 12 (pulling from the production line)

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'm at the hair salon and need to talk about my hair color, or rather lack of,  so this post is over!


  1. What a great story about the model shaving her head! Loved being part of your location scouting - can't wait to watch from behind-the-scenes on Wednesday!

  2. So fun! Yes, I realize that's easy for me to say!

    Good luck. I cannot wait to see the final images and, of course, the clothes!!!

  3. seems so fun when it is someone else's shoot! I am sure that it will be fabulous!

  4. What an entertaining post! I think it sounds like fun to watch a shoot develop. I love behind-the-scenes stories.

    PS Can I borrow Laura please? I desperately need some to do something about my wardrobe...

  5. I found fabulous jewelry and shoes (and more props)! This is the fun part of my job-I do love to shop! Ready for action tomorrow. Thanks to all my great friends in the neighborhood who loaned me incredible pieces too, like the super Laura Keady and Jennifer at Bella Vita!

  6. So excited to see what you ladies come up with - have fun!

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