Friday, January 20, 2012

Fall 2012 Photo Shoot

Done! I think we photographed nearly 30 dresses.  Lara was amazing. She took so many great images. I can't wait to post them.

Here are two of my favorites:

1. Alicia in the new silk dress- Fall 2012.

For our 7' Coterie poster we like to show a print dress against a print "wallpaper."
Here I am getting the wallpaper ready- silk twill taped to foam core, leaning against Jody's wall at the end of her drive.

And here is a shot of Alicia in the dress in front of the fabric wall. I can't wait to see Lara's final image.

I LOVE this dress. The print is called Malibu Dusk but we don't have a name for the style yet. Suggestions?

2. Alicia in Trudy Black/White knit dress- Fall 2012.

The neckhole on this sample was tight and we didn't want to ruin Alicia's hair, so we cut apart the dress at the shoulder. To cover it up, I put my cardigan on Alicia. I think it works.

I used one of the silk ponchos as a scarf, it was a last minute idea. We really don't have much planned in advance. We just bring everything we can and throw it together in the minutes before the shot. 

We all went outside to the VW camper where Dottie was ready to go! I had to wait behind the hedge because Dottie kept trying to run to me. 

I'm already thinking of the next shoot which happens in July. I'm ready to hit the road (or rather just cross the bridge) in an RV and go to San Francisco to get some city shots. Curtis and I are browsing the internet for a something to convert into a mobile studio....


  1. Such fun! I want the Malibu Dusk dress pictured. I suggest Amy as the name of the style. ; )

  2. Love Amy! Cardy goes beautifully with the dress

  3. So excited to see the pictures! I am in love with the dress that I say on About Last Weekend!

  4. LOVE! Laura stopped in today and said everything went GREAT. I can't wait to see more photos!

    1. your vintage umbrella contributed to one of the best shots. can't wait to show you!

  5. Rebecca, of course, as it has my name written all over it.
    Love it!